nude wedges

Nude Wedges

It is said that fashion is complex. The level of simplicity and intricacy largely depends on your own personal choice. There are people who prefer safe and simple styles in clothes and shoes over traditional, sophisticated styles. A number of best selling shoes across the globe are those of drab and simple colors. These most saleable colors include white, black, brown, cream and beige. This is the reason why many shoe manufacturers offer a wide selection of shoes that are of these colors. However, you should not stick with these colors if you plan to buy a pair of shoes especially high heel wedges.

First and foremost, what is a wedge? It is basically a heel that serves as an extension of the shoe’s sole. Currently, one of the most widely used footwear is the nude wedges. These are shoes that have colors that can be easily matched with different skin tones. These colors are intended for different wearers from different races and cultures. Unluckily, there are a number of manufacturers that produce high heel nude shoes for women that have colors other than the aforementioned ones. In other words, these colors can hardly match to your skin tone. These colors include shades of tan, light orange, light pink, light brown, pale and light beige. The absence of these colors should never get you confused with the selection. The best way to get the right pair for you is by choosing the color that best matches your skin tone.

There are a number of good things about wearing these shoes. One thing is that they easily go well with different beautiful dresses. Their versatility is among the few things every woman looks for in a pair of shoes. They also make a woman look and feel taller. Since the color of the shoes matches closely your skin tone, people will see the shoes as somewhat part of your leg and thus, it creates an effective illusion of some added height which is beneficial for women in some ways. The length of unbroken color creates such illusion and it is therefore important to be good enough in choosing the right color of nude shoes.

Nude shoes are a simple pair that does not need too many accessories to make it more attractive. You must avoid putting on any accessory near your foot area as it will ruin the purpose of wearing this type of shoes. There is no use in wearing nude shoes that are flat as far as added height illusion and physical height addition are concerned. Nude wedges are among the most popular nude shoes today, apart from stilettos and court shoes. Another good thing about these shoes is that they are long- lasting and that even when they are used over several times, the good look is still retained.

You may have noticed why a number of manufacturers label some shoes as nude and other light brown or beige. As a matter of fact, the difference lies in a person’s intent. You must bear in mind that not all people who purchase light brown high heel shoes are necessarily searching for a pair that closely matches their skin tone and those who buy nude shoes are actually in search of a pair that has a matching color. Nevertheless, manufacturers’ label is not important at all. If you have very dark skin, it Is good to buy shoes of dark color for similar effect to that of nude high heel wedges. Therefore, you may just forget about the labels of manufacturers on certain products.

There is a wide variety of nude footwear, flat or with heels, available in the market today. All you need to do is take the right pick.

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